April 07, 2022

Build an Inteleon Engine with Top Deck Academy

Put the power of Trainer cards at your fingertips with Inteleon’s Shady Dealings Ability.

Harness the strategic stealth of Inteleon's Evolution chain to get the cards you need into your hand and onto your Bench via Trainer cards. Episode 4 of the second season of Top Deck Academy capitalizes on the unique attacks and Abilities available to Sobble, Drizzile, and Inteleon. Pokémon TCG maestro Rosemary Kelley offers tips and advice for how to develop an Inteleon engine that can serve as the base for the hero Pokémon of your choice. Embrace the shady Abilities and powers of the Secret Agent Pokémon!

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Watch Season 2, Episode 4 of Top Deck Academy now, and stay tuned for new episodes available on YouTube and Pokémon TV every Wednesday!

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