May 27, 2022

Bug Out with Beloved Bug-Type Pokémon on Pokémon TV

From unexpected evolutions to heartfelt goodbyes, Bug-type Pokémon inspire laughter and tears.

While the Pokémon world is often abuzz with excitement about dynamic Dragon-type Pokémon or smoldering Fire types, Bug-type Pokémon are rarely considered to be fan favorites. But in these special themed episodes of Pokémon the Series, Bug-type Pokémon prove their courage and loyalty time and again, inspiring Trainers and fans along the way. From Ash and Butterfree's heartbreaking farewell to fierce encounters with Bug-type specialist Gym Leaders in Azalea Town and Castelia City, bug out with your favorite Bug types through June 9.

Swarm over to or the Pokémon TV mobile app to enjoy Bug-type Pokémon's moment in the porchlight…er, spotlight on Pokémon TV.

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