Bond with Your Pokémon Friend with Pokémon GO’s Buddy Adventure Feature

December 17, 2019

Bond with Your Pokémon Friend with Pokémon GO’s Buddy Adventure Feature

Discover new ways to explore, grow, and bond with your Buddy Pokémon as you take your friendship to the next level.

It’s great to go on Pokémon GO adventures with your Buddy Pokémon by your side, but you’ll soon be able to take your relationship with your buddy to the next level with the all-new Buddy Adventure feature, launching around the world by 2020. This new mode will bring Trainers and their buddies even closer together, allowing you to know your buddy’s mood, increase your friendship with it, and have even more fun while you’re battling and exploring.

Becoming Best Buddies

You begin to connect with your buddy by feeding it Berries. This will increase your Buddy Level, and you’ll be able to see your buddy following behind you on the map. To feed your buddy, just head to the new buddy profile screen and tap on Play! You can also give your buddy a quick treat directly from the buddy profile screen.

In addition to feeding your buddy, you can also play with it. Make sure you have AR+ turned on in Settings so you can interact with your buddy in the real world. Different Pokémon react to you in different ways, so don’t be afraid to let other Pokémon have turns being your buddy.

As you and your buddy get closer, your Buddy Level will increase, which will unlock all sorts of exciting Perks. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Good Buddy – Your buddy can join you on your map view. You’ll also see how your buddy feels on the buddy profile screen.

  • Great Buddy – Your buddy may help you out in Pokémon encounters, making it easier to catch wild Pokémon. It can also bring you items that may help you in your Pokémon GO journey.

  • Ultra Buddy – Your buddy will help you explore the world around you by letting you know about interesting places nearby. It will also bring you Souvenirs, which you can keep track of on the buddy profile screen.

  • Best Buddy – At this highest level, your buddy can sport a Best Buddy ribbon to show everyone your bond with it. Keep your Best Buddy as your active buddy, and it can receive a CP boost in combat.

Becoming Better Buddies

You can become better friends with your buddy by earning affection. Affection is measured in hearts that you can earn by exploring with your buddy on the map, battling alongside your buddy, petting and feeding your buddy, and taking snapshots of your buddy. The more affection you earn, the better your buddy’s mood will be.

When your buddy reaches the highest mood, excited, you can unlock the following benefits:

  • The distance it takes for your buddy to find Candy will be reduced.

  • The rate of hearts earned per action will double.

  • You can earn additional hearts.

With the upgraded buddy profile screen, you can see your buddy’s progress toward finding Candy, your buddy’s current mood, your daily activities, and your Buddy Level. You’ll also be able to see a history of other Pokémon that have been your buddy and the adventures you shared together. Do activities with your buddy every day, as the hearts you can earn refresh daily.

Becoming Buddies with Your Buddies’ Buddies

This isn’t all that the Buddy Adventure feature has in store for you, though. Soon, your buddy will be able to meet your fellow Trainers’ buddies in a shared AR mode. This new mode will allow you to sync up with two other Trainers with AR+ to take a group photo together with your buddies. It’s a fun way to create lasting memories of hanging out with other players in the Pokémon GO community.

We hope that you and your buddy have a blast discovering all-new ways to bond during your journey together!

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