August 17, 2020

An August 2020 Message from Pokémon Masters Producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi

Two of the game’s creators discuss a title change, 6★ EX sync pairs, and the new Champion Stadium.

Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi, the producers of Pokémon Masters, have a message to share with players about some exciting new game features. These include a name change, a way to raise your sync pairs to 6★ EX, and a thrilling new way to battle—the Champion Stadium. You can read the highlights below, then visit the Pokémon Masters official site for more details.

Pokémon Masters EX

The most obvious change to the game is its title. Following the update scheduled for August 27, the title will change from Pokémon Masters to Pokémon Masters EX. The name change is to reflect the many new experiences the game has come to offer since its release.

6★ EX Sync Pairs

With the addition of 6★ EX sync pairs, your team's strength has the potential to increase dramatically. Soon, after you train a 5★ sync pair and meet certain conditions, you will be able to raise that sync pair's potential to 6★ EX, elevating their power even more. As a bonus, 6★ EX sync pairs can also wear different-colored outfits during battle.

At first, only a few sync pairs will be able to be raised to 6★ EX, but any new sync pairs that are added to the game will be able to become 6★ EX—and over time, all existing sync pairs will have the capability. One of the first sync pairs you'll be able to raise to 6★ EX will be Sygna Suit Red & Charizard. This fantastic duo keeps getting better!

Enter the Champion Stadium

Another big update on August 27 is the start of the Champion Stadium's Kanto Challenge. In the Champion Stadium, you choose 15 sync pairs to take part in five consecutive 3-on-3 battles. But be careful—once a sync pair has battled, it can't take part in any of the remaining battles. The Kanto Challenge has you face off against the Kanto region's Elite Four and the Kanto Pokémon League Champion, Blue. Before you take on Blue, you can challenge the Elite Four in any order you wish, so be sure to put some thought into how best to assemble your sync pairs for this gauntlet.

There are two difficulty levels in the Champion Stadium. Normal is standard, and Hard will give expert Trainers an extra challenge. Playing through the Champion Stadium can earn you items you need to raise your sync pairs to 6★ EX, even if you're playing on Normal, so don't miss out on the rewards.

Each week, you'll have the opportunity to play through the Champion Stadium in order to earn items. Just be aware that if you're playing on Hard, your opponents' Pokémon and type weaknesses will change each week. You'll have to constantly adjust your strategy if you want to come out on top.

Good luck taking on the Kanto region Elite Four and Champion, Trainers. And prepare yourself—challengers from other regions will arrive in the future!

Of course, this is just part of Mr. Sasaki and Mr. Iguchi's full message. Remember, you can read their entire message by launching your Pokémon Masters game or watch a video presentation of it by visiting the Pokémon Masters official site. Thanks for playing, and have fun!

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