2019 Pokkén Tournament World Championships Player Information

Pokkén Tournament DX players can qualify for the 2019 Pokémon World Championships by placing highly in either a Pokkén Tournament Championship Series event or in the Last Chance Qualifier at the Pokkén Tournament World Championships.

A total of 16 Masters Division and 8 Senior Division players will qualify for the Pokkén Tournament World Championships: 2 Masters and 1 Senior from the Oceania International Championships, 4 Masters and 2 Seniors from the Europe International Championships, and 4 Masters and 2 Seniors from the North America International Championships. The 2018 Pokkén Tournament World Champion Jacob “ThankSwalot” Waller will automatically qualify for a spot in the Masters Championship bracket. The remainder of the invitations will be awarded to players from Japan and via the Last Chance Qualifier.

Competitors will be required to bring a wired HORI Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad or a wired HORI Nintendo Switch Pokkén Tournament DX Pro Pad to the Championship Series. No Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers will be permitted, even with a USB cable.

Check back for more information on the 2019 Pokkén Tournament World Championships.

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