Pokémon Players Cup 25th Anniversary Invitational

The celebration of 25 years of Pokémon continues with the Pokémon Players Cup 25th Anniversary Invitational streaming August 13–15. Featuring eight of the best video game players and eight of the best Pokémon TCG players from around the world, the invitational is an epic clash of Pokémon world titans. Over the course of the invitational, these top players from throughout Play! Pokémon history will battle head-to-head through a double-elimination bracket in a quest to become the champion's champion.

Fans can watch the action unfold exclusively on Pokémon's Twitch channel August 13–15, with a preshow taking place August 13 and eight-hour broadcasts on August 14 and 15.

After the event concludes, come back to Pokemon.com to check out the results as well as team and deck lists.

Who's Playing?

Follow the Play! Pokémon Twitter account for daily player announcements and introductions kicking off August 5. Each day, one new video game and TCG player will be announced through August 12, when the full player roster will be available.

Pokémon video game experts Aaron Zheng, Rosemary Kelley, Adam Dorricott, and Lou Cromie will be serving as the broadcast talent, offering insight into player strategy. On the TCG side, Kyle Sucevich, Chip Richey, Joe Bernard, and Ross Gilbert will provide broadcast commentary into gameplay.

Players Cup 25th Anniversary Invitational Schedule

Preshow: Friday, August 13, 11 a.m. PT

Day 1: Saturday, Aug 14, 9 a.m. PT

Day 2: Sunday, Aug 15, 9 a.m. PT

Check back after the event for results, team lists, and deck lists from the Players Cup 25th Anniversary Invitational!

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