Pokémon GO Championship Series

Pokémon GO players can go head-to-head with other Trainers in official competitions to test their skill and strive to be the very best.

  • Play in live, in-person competitions

  • Earn an invitation to the annual Pokémon World Championships

  • Win prize money and other cool rewards

How to play in the Pokémon GO Championship Series

Pokémon GO events in the 2023 season operate using a single age division. Players must be of or above the age of digital consent in their home market in order to participate in Pokémon GO Championship Series events.

The format for the 2023 season Pokémon GO Championship Series will be Great League.

Registration for these events is handled by the Tournament Organizer, an entry fee may be charged at their discretion, and events may sell out.

Pokémon GO Championship events

The following Pokémon Championship Series events are open to all eligible players:

Regional Championships events take place all around the world. After the Pokémon International Championships, the Pokémon Regional Championships are the largest events in terms of both attendance and prize money.

The International Championships draw Pokémon GO players from all around the globe during the Championship Series season. These amazing events feature more Worlds invitations and a larger prize pool.

In addition to the regular events in the Championship Series schedule, Pokémon Special Events give players more chances to earn Worlds invites.

Top Pokémon GO players at these events will win an invitation to compete at the 2023 Pokémon World Championships, but all fans are welcome to come witness the excitement of the most prestigious event in the Pokémon Championship Series. The top-performing players will even earn a Travel Award to Worlds! Worlds invites will be distributed at each qualifier as follows.

Placement Regional Championships and Special Events International Championships
1 Worlds invite + Travel Award Worlds invite + Travel Award
2 Worlds invite Worlds invite + Travel Award
3–4 - Worlds invite

Note that some events have limited capacity and require spectators and participants to have badges. Attendees must also comply with our COVID-19 policy.

To get started in the Pokémon Championship Series, find an event near you and join the fun. Good luck, Trainers!

Championship Series Events

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