Pokémon GO Challenge Tournaments

Pokémon GO Challenge tournaments are competitive events held regularly at game stores that host Play! Pokémon events. It's a great way to understand the fundamentals of battling in Pokémon GO, as well as the ideal place to test your skills in battle against other Pokémon GO players!

In the 2023 season, Pokémon GO Challenges are available only to players in the North America rating zone. These events will be available for organizers to run from April 14 to June 18, 2023.

Players must bring their own devices to compete; phones will not be provided by the Tournament Organizer for use.

In order to participate, players must have a Pokémon Trainer Club account, be in good standing in the Play! Pokémon program, and comply with any local regulations for in-store events.

Registration for these events is handled by the local Tournament Organizer of a Play! Pokémon Store, and an entry fee may be charged at their discretion. Some events may have special promotions. You can receive Prize Packs and sticker sheets just for participating in Pokémon League events. Check with your local Play! Pokémon retailer for availability and distribution. Please check the Event Locator for details about each event, including information regarding registration.

Remember, while we frequently update our events schedule, we recommend that you contact the local Tournament Organizer to confirm event schedule information.

2023 Pokémon GO Challenge Events

Pokémon GO Challenge events will typically be held once per month at select Pokémon League locations. These events consist of Swiss rounds, with a top cut to single-elimination rounds.

Pokémon GO Challenge competitors can earn Championship Points (CP) toward a travel stipend to the North America International Championships (NAIC). The eight players in North America with the most CP will be eligible to earn a $750 travel stipend, paid after the event and subject to them attending and completing at least one round of play in the main event. Players are fully responsible for booking their own hotel and travel.

Players must have a Pokémon Trainer Club account with a Player ID attached and must have opted in to the Play! Pokémon program in order to earn points and prizes. All participants will receive 1 Play! Point just for playing.

The Championship Point payout for the Pokémon GO Challenge is as follows:


Championship Points

Kicker (# of participants)



















Best Finish Limit: 5.
Championship Point values are subject to change.

Championship Series Events

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