Tournament Details: 19-04-000518

Tournament Name
Tournament Name
  1. Unbroken Bonds Prerelease at CM East
  2. 19-04-000518
  3. TCG: Limited
  4. April 24, 2019
  5. 5:00PM to 5:59PM
  6. Trading Card Game
  7. (2019) Unbroken Bonds Prerelease
  8. CM East PKMN League
  9. Sanctioned
Organizer Information
Organizer Information
  1. John Rush
  2. 865-673-9271
Location information
Location information
  1. CM Games East
  2. 3001 Knoxville Center Dr
  3. None
  4. Knoxville
  5. Tennessee
  6. 37924
  7. United States
  8. Map
Other Information
Other Information
  1. 25
  2. Players will receive the following to build their 40 card deck
    Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds Prerelease Deck containing the following:
    * 4 Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds Booster Packs
    * 22 card evolution pack, featuring key cards from current and prior sets
    * 1 of 4 alternate-art Prerelease promo cards
    * 1 deck-building tip sheet

    And the entry is only $25!! This is a great even for players both new and old of all skill levels - don't miss your chance to get your hands on Unbroken Bonds before its released!

    - Energy will be available for deck construction.
    - Each round is just a single game. Games are played with 4 Prize cards rather than the usual 6.
    - After completing the event, players will receive and addition 3 more Unbroken Bonds Booster Packs.

    Unbroken Bonds Prerelease Schedule:
    CM Games West – April 20th @ 12pm
    CM Games Morristown – April 20th @ 1pm
    CM Games Foothills – April 20st @ 5pm
    CM Games Hixson – April 20st @ 1pm
    CM Games East – April 24th @ 6pm

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