Tournament Details: 19-04-000335

Tournament Name
Tournament Name
  1. (2019) Unbroken Bonds Prerelease (US)
  2. 19-04-000335
  3. TCG: Limited
  4. April 23, 2019
  5. 5:30PM to 6:15PM
  6. Trading Card Game
  7. (2019) Unbroken Bonds Prerelease
  8. Canterlot Colosseum (Hastur)
  9. Sanctioned
Organizer Information
Organizer Information
  1. Thomas Quayle
  2. 801-604-4249
  3. Contact this organizer
Location information
Location information
  1. Hastur Games and Comics
  2. 6831 South State Street
  3. None
  4. Midvale
  5. Utah
  6. 84047
  7. United States
  8. Map
Other Information
Other Information
  1. $30.00
  2. Join us for the exciting preview of the newest Sun & Moon set - Unbroken Bonds!

    Date: Tuesday April, 23, 2019
    Location: Hastur Games
    Address: 6831 State St, Midvale, UT 84047
    Tournament Name: Unbroken Bonds Prerelease
    Registration: 5:30PM-6:15PM (45 mins)
    Estimated Run-time: 6:45PM-7:45PM (2 hours)
    Cost: $30.00

    Items Received:
    - 23-card Evolution Pack
    - 4 TCG Unbroken Bonds Booster Packs
    - Foil Promo card

    - Additional Booster Packs For 1st and 2nd Place
    - Additional Booster Packs For All Attendees
    - Support the player raffle: Official Pokemon Products (TBA on-site)
    - Support the store raffle: Official Pokemon Products (TBA on-site)

    Each participant receives a Build & Battle Box containing a 23-card Evolution pack that includes an exclusive foil promo card, plus four 10-card booster packs from the new expansion. The Evolution pack provides a solid foundation which, along with the booster packs and Energy provided by the Tournament Organizer, is used to construct a 40-card deck for participation in a fun tournament.

    Attention TCG Players!! Announcing the prerelease for the newest set: Unbroken Bonds! All Juniors and Seniors players who attend will receive a complimentary event bag with a random booster pack, 1 of 8 league promo energies and a random rare card from the TeamUp set. Masters will have several of the most recent League Challenge placement promos raffled to their division. All players will receive complimentary penny sleeves to use for their deck, and all players will be eligible for other random giveaways such as pins, coins and more! So come celebrate with Litleo and friends at Hastur Games!! :) Registration is tomorrow from 5:30pm-6:15pm! Event details can be found here:

    This is a great chance to come and meet others in the community, get a chance to play with and get to know the upcoming cards in the next expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and even find others to trade cards with!

    *For additional information regarding prereleases:

    *For additional information regarding the Ultra Prism set:

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