Tournament Details: 19-01-000600

Tournament Name
Tournament Name
  1. Team Up Prerelease Third Eye Games
  2. 19-01-000600
  3. TCG: Limited
  4. January 26, 2019
  5. 11:00AM to 11:50AM
  6. Trading Card Game
  7. (2019) Team Up Prerelease
  8. Third Eye Games Pokemon League
  9. Sanctioned
Organizer Information
Organizer Information
  1. Sam Scalco
  2. 4107399078
Location information
Location information
  1. Third Eye Games & Hobbies
  2. 209 Chinquapin Round Rd Suite 400
  3. None
  4. Annapolis
  5. Maryland
  6. 21401
  7. United States
  8. Map
Other Information
Other Information
  1. $25
  2. Third Eye Pokemon Masters! We have a big year ahead of us, and we are kicking it off with a bang. Join us on Saturday Jan 26th at 12:00 noon for our VERY FIRST PRE-RELEASE EVENT!!! The newest set for Pokemon TCG is Sun and Moon Team Up, which is due to release the following week on Friday February 1st . Get a first look at the new mechanics, pokemon, and trainer cards. Players will receive three booster packs of the new set at the end of the event!

    This is a sealed event, meaning players receive a special Build and Battle Kit which contains 4 booster packs of Sun and Moon Team Up, a special promo card, and an evolution pack; containing 2 evolution line (basic, stage 1, and stage 2 if applicable) and some focused trainer cards to help get you started! Players will have 30 minutes to build the best 40 card deck they can. Then, players will play 3 30 minute rounds with 4 prizes, instead of 6, for chances at additional prizes!

    Since this is our first one we have limited seating, make sure you preregister in-store or at before Jan 25th.

    Prizes: in addition to receiving 3 packs of Sun and Moon Team Up just for playing; if players win they will receive an additional prize vouchers good for 2 packs each round they win! Vouchers can be redeemed for any packs they want, that we have in stock! If players want Sun and Moon Team Up packs, they can save their vouchers until its official release.

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