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Pokémon VG Autumn Regional Championships Results

More exciting competition took place this past weekend as players battled it out in the Pokémon VG Autumn Regional Championships. Congratulations to the top players from the Lancaster event!

Here are the finalists in each division. Click on a name to see that player's team.

Lancaster, PA

Masters Division

1. Wolfe Glick
2. Paul Chua
3. Jonathan Hiller
4. Tommy Cooleen
5. Stephen Brown III
6. Justin Burns
7. Nicholas Borghi
8. Michael Lanzano
9. Jancarlo Samayoa
10. Vincent Montalvo
11. Joey McGinley
12. Adam DeMarchi
13. Luan Vu
14. Peter Borsilli
15. David Francis
16. Kyle Morris

Senior Division

1. Mark Garas
2. Joseph Costagliola
3. Ian Terriberry
4. Andras Oehler
5. Mihrab Samad
6. London Swan
7. Luke Smith
8. Lucas Monroe

Junior Division

1. Jackson Sheppard
2. Emma Cox
3. Parker Hurley
4. James Curtis
5. Aiden McKinney
6. Jordan Schroeder
7. Ariana Deal
8. Arshan S

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