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Pokémon TCG Autumn Regional Championships Results

More exciting competition took place this past weekend as players battled it out in the Pokémon TCG Autumn Regional Championships. Congratulations to the top players from the Lancaster event!

Here are the Top 8 finalists in each division. Click on a name to see that player's deck.

Lancaster, PA

Masters Division

1. Jimmy O'Brien
2. Frank Diaz
3. Dylan Bryan
4. Carl Sitavi
5. Steven Varesko
6. Azul Garcia
7. Nate Pave
8. Dean Nezam

Senior Division

1. Sam Ertman
2. Sam Shlafstein
3. Tanner Hurley
4. Jonathan Eng
5. Sydney Morisoli
6. James Pickeral
7. Jake Stevens
8. Ryan Billings

Junior Division

1. Landon Frank
2. Roan Godfrey-Robbins
3. John Pickeral
4. Liam Halliburton
5. Christian Moreno
6. Parker Hurley
7. Colby Evans
8. Ryland White

Be sure to watch the Pokémon TCG Regional Championships live stream this weekend from Fort Wayne, Indiana! And don't forget to follow to see the winning decks and teams from all 2015 Autumn Regional Championships events!

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