Play! Pokémon Inclusion Policy

At the Pokémon Company International, we believe the world of Pokémon is welcoming to everyone. The Pokémon Company International is committed, in its role as the sanctioning body of Play! Pokémon tournaments worldwide, to fostering an inclusive and fair environment for all participants regardless of factors including but not limited to age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and disability.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to us. They strengthen and enrich us, our players, organizers, and the Play! Pokémon program globally. We want Play! Pokémon events to be a place for players and fans of all backgrounds. We aim to treat everyone in our programs fairly and to recognize and respond to their individual needs, while striving to provide a fun and fair environment for all participants. We continue to listen to all program members as we learn and find new ways to improve.

Our aim is to build a culture and community that actively promote learning, openness, fairness, diversity, equity, inclusion, and general good sporting behavior. All members of the Play! Pokémon community—players, fans, parents, Professors, organizers, and attendees in the Play! Pokémon program—have a role in making this a reality.

Pokémon, its agents, sanctioned persons, and entities will not take part in or tolerate discrimination, victimization, harassment, or bullying of any kind on the grounds of:

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Gender identity or affirmation/transition/ expression

  • Marital or civil partnership status

  • Pregnancy or maternity

  • Race, color, nationality, or ethnic or national origin

  • Religion, belief, or lack thereof

  • Sexual orientation

  • Socioeconomic status

  • Education

  • Citizenship status

  • Political affiliation

Who is covered by the policy?

The policy covers all individuals on the Play! Pokémon staff, and all players, organizers, Professors, and attendees at officially sanctioned Play! Pokémon events.

Responsibilities under the policy

All people sanctioned by The Pokémon Company International to conduct official Play! Pokémon activities share responsibility for ensuring the policy is followed.

All contracted event organizers and Professors are expected to adhere to and ensure that this policy is in effect at events at which they officiate.

All players, staff, parents, and attendees are responsible for their personal behavior in relation to all aspects of this policy.

All contracted event organizers and Professors must be made aware of the contents of this policy and are expected to support and promote it.

Play! Pokémon’s Statement of Action

The Pokémon Company International reserves the right, at our discretion, to penalize (up to removal from Play! Pokémon programs) individuals in the program who violate this policy. You can view more on our Standards of Conduct here. If you have feedback on this policy, please open a ticket with our Customer Service team. If you are aware of any individuals who have violated the terms of this policy, please provide a report to the Play! Pokémon Trust and Safety Team through our Customer Service portal.

Document last reviewed: August 1, 2023

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