Yveltal Pokémon GO Raid Battle Tips

Appearing in Raids: May 18, 2021, to May 31, 2021

Yveltal will be appearing in five-star Raid Battles during Pokémon GO's Luminous Legends Y event from May 18 to May 31. Learn which Pokémon will be most effective in Raid Battles against this Legendary Dark- and Flying-type Pokémon, how to catch Yveltal after winning a Raid Battle, and how best to use the Destruction Pokémon after you've caught it.

Which Pokémon to Use in a Yveltal Raid

As a Dark- and Flying-type Pokémon, Yveltal is weak to Electric-, Ice-, Rock- and Fairy-type attacks. To defeat Yveltal as quickly as possible, be sure to bring your strongest Pokémon that know these types of attacks. And don't forget that Shadow Pokémon deal more damage, so if you have Shadow versions of the suggested Pokémon, consider adding them to your lineup.

Suggested Electric-type Pokémon

  • Alolan Golem (Rock/Electric)

    • Fast Attack: Rock Throw, Volt Switch

    • Charged Attack: Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Wild Charge

  • Zapdos (Electric/Flying)

    • Fast Attack: Charge Beam, Thunder Shock

    • Charged Attack: Ancient Power, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Zap Cannon

  • Raikou (Electric)

    • Fast Attack: Thunder Shock, Volt Switch

    • Charged Attack: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge

  • Therian Forme Thundurus (Electric)

    • Fast Attack: Thunder Shock, Volt Switch

    • Charged Attack: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Punch

Suggested Ice-type Pokémon

  • Weavile (Ice)

    • Fast Attack: Ice Shard

    • Charged Attack: Avalanche

  • Mamoswine (Ice/Ground)

    • Fast Attack: Powder Snow

    • Charged Attack: Ancient Power, Avalanche, Stone Edge

  • Glaceon (Ice)

    • Fast Attack: Frost Breath, Ice Shard

    • Charged Attack: Avalanche, Ice Beam, Icy Wind

  • Galarian Darmanitan (Ice)

    • Fast Attack: Ice Fang

    • Charged Attack: Avalanche, Ice Punch

Suggested Rock-type Pokémon

  • Rampardos (Rock)

    • Fast Attack: Smack Down

    • Charged Attack: Rock Slide

  • Rhyperior (Ground/Rock)

    • Fast Attack: Smack Down

    • Charged Attack: Rock Wrecker, Stone Edge

  • Terrakion (Rock/Fighting)

    • Fast Attack: Smack Down

    • Charged Attack: Rock Slide, Stone Edge

Suggested Fairy-type Pokémon

  • Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)

    • Fast Attack: Charm, Charge Beam

    • Charged Attack: Dazzling Gleam

  • Togekiss (Fairy/Flying)

    • Fast Attack: Charm

    • Charged Attack: Ancient Power, Dazzling Gleam

Make the Most of Premier Balls and Berries

After a Yveltal raid, you'll have a limited number of Premier Balls you can use to catch it, so make each one count. You can earn extra Premier Balls for battling with friends and defeating Yveltal quickly.

In an encounter with Yveltal, your chance of catching it is greatest when the size of the target ring is small enough for you to score Excellent Throws. Throwing Curveballs can improve your chances even more. But work within your abilities—if you don't think you can reliably make Excellent Curveball Throws, aim for Nice Throws or Great Throws rather than risk missing the target ring completely.

Yveltal isn't going to make it easy on you by staying still while you're trying to catch it. Don't waste your Premier Balls by throwing while it's moving around. Watch Yveltal to get a feel for its cycle of movement and the pauses in between this movement. During one of those pauses, wait for the target ring to reappear, and then throw a Premier Ball when the target ring is small enough for you to make a Great Throw or an Excellent Throw.

Berries can help you catch Yveltal. A Razz Berry will make Yveltal easier to catch, and a Golden Razz Berry will make Yveltal much easier to catch. If you‘re having trouble landing throws, a Nanab Berry will calm Yveltal, making its movements less erratic and allowing you to make precise throws more easily. If you need extra Candy for Yveltal, using a Silver Pinap Berry will make Yveltal easier to catch and grant you extra Candy when you catch it.

What to Do with Yveltal Once You've Caught It

Yveltal's Initial CP Range: 2,073–2,160

Yveltal's Initial CP Range with Weather Boost: 2,591–2,701

Available Fast Attacks: Gust (Flying), Snarl (Dark), Sucker Punch (Dark)

Available Charged Attacks: Dark Pulse (Dark), Focus Blast (Fighting), Hurricane (Flying), Hyper Beam (Normal), Psychic (Psychic)

As a Dark- and Flying-type Pokémon, Yveltal has a type advantage against Psychic-type and Ghost-type Pokémon. This can make Yveltal useful against tough Raid Bosses such as Mega Gengar, Mewtwo, Lugia, Metagross, Latios, and Latias.

Depending on your GO Battle League strategy, Yveltal could make a solid addition to an Ultra League lineup or a Master League lineup. For the Master League, you'll want to power up Yveltal as much as you can, while for the Ultra League, you need only enough Yveltal Candy to power up Yveltal to as close to 2,500 CP as possible. Participating in more Yveltal raids will give you more opportunities to catch Yveltal and earn Yveltal Candy.

Yveltal is arguably the most powerful Dark- and Flying-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. As a Dark-type, the Destruction Pokémon has an advantage against certain popular Master League Pokémon, including Mewtwo, Metagross, and Giratina. You can also leverage Yveltal's variety of attack types to surprise your opponents.

Good luck with your next Raid Battle, and remember to check Pokemon.co.uk/Strategy for more Pokémon GO, video game, and Pokémon TCG tips.

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