Pokémon Trading Card Game

The regular Pokémon Trading Card Game has evolved quite a bit since the Game Boy Color version launched, but any player with a basic understanding of the card game should feel right at home with this handheld classic.

Experience all the fun of the regular Pokémon Trading Card Game on your Game Boy Color system! With innovative rules and many cards to play with, it breaks from tradition and changes the way you face an opponent. Gamers with Pokémon knowledge will feel right at home with many of the concepts, but new fans will be able to pick up and play the game with ease, too. Whether you're a seasoned Trainer or new to Pokémon, you'll love the challenge of Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pokémon Trading Card Game lets you take on friends via the infrared game port on the Game Boy Color, or compete in challenges against computer opponents. When you're through playing, you can trade cards you've earned with buddies. Use these cards to build more-intricate decks, and then test your strategies against your pals. Then trade cards again to keep getting better!

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    Charizard and Blastoise match up for an epic TCG duel!
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