Pokémon Puzzle Challenge

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge has been added as a Virtual Console game playable on a system in the Nintendo 3DS family. Now you can revisit one of the classic puzzle games of the Game Boy era. Look for Pokémon Puzzle Challenge in Nintendo eShop.

The handheld puzzle game was launched simultaneously with Pokémon Puzzle League, delivering a swift one-two punch to Pokémon fans on the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color systems.

Take the fun of Pokémon Puzzle League on the road with Pokémon Puzzle Challenge for Game Boy Color. It's all the excitement of the N64 game shrunk down to size. The basics of the game remain the same-try to align three blocks of the same color to clear them from the game board. Get the blocks to drop so that they create more sets of three to perform combos for big points!

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge even has features its N64 counterpart doesn't have, including the ability to hatch Eggs, as well as compete against Gym Leaders. You can take on your friends via Game Link Cable, too.

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