Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure

A typing action game for all skill levels to increase your speed and accuracy!

Catch Pokémon with your typing skills! Even beginners will easily become familiar with how to operate a keyboard as they receive advice and make progress on their typing adventure. The difficulty of the game will increase according to your development, so whether you’re an absolute beginner or an expert typist, you’ll be able to enjoy this typing action game at your own skill level. As motivation, the faster you type, the more Pokémon you’ll encounter in a particular course!

Even if you’ve never learned to type, this game comes ready for you with special courses just for beginners—and if you’re already good at typing, you can challenge yourself with higher-level courses where the Pokémon might run away if you don’t type quickly enough! Just by playing the game, you will naturally learn more about your favorite Pokémon and improve your keyboarding skills.

Easy to operate! Includes the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard!

This title comes complete with an exclusive Nintendo Wireless Keyboard that connects wirelessly to the game. Its compact and simple design makes it the optimum keyboard for your typing action adventure!

Typing Adventure
Typing Adventure
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