Pokémon TCG XY Elite Trainer Box

Open Your Eyes to a Whole New Kind of Pokémon with the Pokémon TCG: XY Elite Trainer Box!

Kalos has been revealed, yet so much still remains unseen! New Trainers, new tactics, and the awe-inspiring Xerneas and Yveltal await—as does something else. Something...different. Something to make even the mightiest of Pokémon-EX tremble! A new age begins in the Pokémon TCG with Mega Evolution!

With the Pokémon TCG: XY Elite Trainer Box, you'll find everything you need to be fully ready for your next battle! In each box you will find:

  • 8 Pokémon TCG: XY booster packs
  • 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards, including Fairy Energy!
  • 2 acrylic condition markers
  • 6 damage-counter dice
  • A competition-legal coin-flip die
  • A player's guide
  • 65 Pokémon TCG: XY card sleeves
  • 4 dividers
  • A collector's box to hold everything

The Pokémon TCG: XY Elite Trainer Box is available now in stores where Pokémon TCG products are sold!

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