• Power Up Your Style Game with PUMA × Pokémon
  • Power Up Your Style Game with PUMA × Pokémon
  • Power Up Your Style Game with PUMA × Pokémon

14 November 2022

Power Up Your Style Game with PUMA × Pokémon

Be the very best-dressed Pokémon Trainer, like no one ever was...

The Pokémon journey began in Kanto, so it’s a fitting kickoff point for the launch of the PUMA × Pokémon collaboration. Travel in eye-catching style with a shoe collection inspired by Pikachu and Kanto’s beloved and adorable first partner Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Plant the seed of style with the Bulbasaur Rider FV for kids, boasting a leaf-green color palette and a Bulbasaur charm. Get fired up for adventure with the Charmander Slipstream, which features bold colors and a charm featuring Charmander. The Squirtle Suede Classic makes a style splash with cool aquatic colors and a Squirtle charm. And last but certainly not least, electrify your wardrobe with the Pikachu RS-X, featuring vivid pops of yellow and a Pikachu charm.

Don’t be jealous of your feet! This contemporary streetwear collection also includes a selection of T-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, hoodies, beanies, and backpacks for youth and adults that will have Trainers looking good from head to toe wherever their journeys take them.

The Charmander Slipstream, Squirtle Suede Classic, and Pikachu RS-X are available now at Pokémon Center. And keep an eye out for the Bulbasaur Rider FV, coming soon!

Availability of products may vary by retailer.

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