11 Jul 2018

Pokkén Tournament DX Update

The Nintendo Switch fighting game receives an update to improve gameplay balance.

Get ready, fighting fans! A new update has gone live for Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch. This latest version of the game (ver. 1.3.2) includes new moves for a few of the game's Battle Pokémon and several small adjustments to both the Battle and Support Pokémon to improve gameplay balance. Both Pokémon from the title's original roster and some included in the Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack DLC have been tweaked.

Please note that due to these new fixes, you will no longer be able to play your previous replay data. Be sure to update your game as soon as possible—if you have an earlier version of the game, you cannot be matched for Wireless Battles and Event Mode. You can check the current version of your software by hovering over the Pokkén Tournament DX icon in the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu and pressing the + Button to display the Options screen.

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