14 Apr 2020

Pokémon Professor Online Seminars and Professor Cup

Professors can stay connected with each other via events that include tournaments for both Pokémon TCG and video games.

Among the events affected by the recent cancellations was the Pokémon Professor Program's annual North American Professor Cup and Conference, an event for Professors to socialize, learn, and enjoy the Pokémon TCG and video games for themselves. In response, Professors around the world have been doing all they can to bring the spirit of Pokémon League to virtual platforms, from hosting fun tournaments to conducting quizzes, games, and competitions—all online.

To celebrate the creativity, passion, and dedication that Professors around the world have shown in keeping their local communities engaged during these times, the Pokémon Professor Program is supporting the Professor community in their efforts to bring the fun of the Professor Cup and Conference online.

Community Online Seminar Series—March 28 onwards

A new Seminar Series began Saturday, March 28, where Professors can take part in educational sessions conducted in the spirit of Professor Seminars, offering the chance to meet and learn from some of the community's most knowledgeable members.

Day one topics include best practices for online activities with Pokémon League members, social media conduct, and “AMA”-style panels featuring representatives from both the Pokémon TCG and video game aspects of the community spectrum. More sessions are planned, with upcoming seminars discussing topics such as judging on a live stream, conducting investigations, and rulings delivery practices.

The Professor Program is supporting this community effort by awarding 5 Professor Points per session to all Professors whose participation is reported!

These sessions are open to any Professor, regardless of rank or certification.

Professor Cup Online—April 18 & 19

The Professor Cup Online features two separate online tournaments: one for the Pokémon TCG, and one for the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games. Each tournament uses a challenging, quirky format that Professors must master if they want to succeed. Those who place highly will take part in a special, combined top cut and will compete to become the Professor Cup Online Champion!

The Professor Cup Online is open to all Professors with a Stage 1 or Stage 2 certification, and there are cool Professor Program branded prizes to be won. Professors can visit the Pokémon Organized Play forums for more details, and to register for each of these awesome opportunities.

Thank you again to our Pokémon Professors around the world!

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