05 Dec 2019

Giovanni & Mewtwo Bring World Domination Psystrike to Pokémon Masters

Play the new legendary event, and take advantage of this powerful pair’s sync move when you add them to your team.

A troublesome new sync pair has arrived on the island of Pasio. Lurking Shadow, the first legendary event of Pokémon Masters, is here, and it consists of a new story event starring Giovanni & Mewtwo. Complete their story, and you'll be able to add the 5★ sync pair Giovanni & Mewtwo to your roster. Their powerful sync move, World Domination Psystrike, will undoubtedly prove valuable to your team.

If you're having trouble defeating Giovanni & Mewtwo, remember that they're weak to Dark-type moves. Confronting them with sync pairs like Grimsley & Liepard, Nanu & Persian, or Cheren & Stoutland will give you an advantage. Taking on Giovanni & Mewtwo in co-op battles will earn you more drops of custom items as well, if you're up to the challenge. Once you team up with Giovanni & Mewtwo, you can use custom items to unlock this shady duo's level cap and allow them to learn new moves.

Additionally, there will be a special Legendary Rally in which players will have the chance to receive up to 4,200 gems within a 14-day period through log-in bonuses, so don't forget to play every day.

Pokémon Masters is available to download now. For more details, be sure to visit the Pokémon Masters official site.

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