31 Jan 2019

Discover More Pokémon Originally Discovered in Sinnoh

Collect more Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region, and enjoy improvements to battling in Pokémon GO.

Another set of Pokémon first discovered in the Sinnoh region are appearing in Pokémon GO, and this group includes some of the region's heaviest hitters. Starting today, you'll be able to use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve more Pokémon originally discovered in other regions into their more powerful evolved forms—for example, Lickitung into Lickilicky or Tangela into Tangrowth.

You'll need to head out into the field to keep your collection up-to-date, because more Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region will also be appearing in the wild. Keep an eye out for the Fossil Pokémon Cranidos and Shieldon as you explore, and make sure you keep an Egg incubating while you do, for you may also see more Pokémon native to Sinnoh hatching from Eggs.

Many of these Pokémon are particularly powerful, and they're just in time for the latest update, which also introduces some big changes to battles. You'll find Pokémon you fight against in Raid Battles are more powerful and sturdier than ever before. Some Pokémon moves will become weaker or stronger, and certain Pokémon will be able to learn new moves by using a Fast TM or Charged TM. This will surely help those Pokémon perform better against particular opponents in battle.

Check out the full list of battle changes.

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