15 May 2018

Colossal Clashes Come to Columbus in July

Players and spectators can now register for the 2018 North America International Championships.

Register now for the 2018 North America International Championships, taking place in Columbus, Ohio, on July 6–8. It's the final major event of the 2018 Championship Series season before the Pokémon World Championships, so it's certain to draw huge numbers of players from all over the globe. Pokémon TCG and video game players will compete for the final large pool of Championship Points that count toward an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships, plus great prizes for top finishers. Pokkén Tournament competitors will battle for a direct invitation to the Pokkén Tournament World Championships.

Registration for this event will take place entirely online. Pokémon TCG and video game competitor registration closes after July 4 or when a player cap is reached. Pokkén Tournament competitors have until July 6 at 9 p.m. EDT to register. So if you're eager to test your skills against some of the best competition in the world, be sure to register soon.

Spectators can also purchase badges online. There is a cap on the number of spectator badges sold, but we expect to have space for everyone who wants to come watch all the action.

Register now using the following links:

And remember, if you can't make it to Columbus, we'll be streaming all three days of the big event live on Twitch.tv/Pokemon.

Get more information on the 2018 North America International Championships, including registration details.

Good luck, Trainers!

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