15 Jan 2020

A January 2020 Message from Pokémon Masters Producers, Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi

Two of the game’s creators share information about the new Sync Grid feature, the Battle Villa, and January’s legendary event.

Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi, the producers of Pokémon Masters, have a special message to share with all players this month. The pair discuss the upcoming Sync Grid feature, the new Battle Villa, and January's legendary event, among other topics. Check out some of the highlights below, then visit the Pokémon Masters official site to get the full details.

Sync grids will go live with the mid-January update. If the “Sync orb chance!” message appears at the beginning of a battle, use a sync move during the battle for an opportunity to collect sync orbs as drops. These sync orbs can be used to activate sync grid tiles that do things like raise a sync pair's stats, improve the effectiveness of their moves, and more. Sync grids allow you to enhance your sync pairs in your own unique way. The grid skills that can be learned initially will be limited, but sync grids will be expanded in the future.

Coming soon, you can tackle a gauntlet of challengers in the Battle Villa every day. You will earn rewards based on how far you make it before your progress is reset after a period of time. The trick is that you can only bring nine of your sync pairs into the Battle Villa at a time.

You'll need to pay close attention to your opponent's weakness when building a team to tackle the Battle Villa, but don't rely just on using supereffective attacks—status conditions and support skills are also necessary if you hope to get very far. Based on the rewards you get from the Battle Villa, you can grant your sync pairs a lucky skill, which will provide beneficial effects in battle.

There is a legendary event coming in late January that will feature a popular Legendary Pokémon. Also, Mission Bingo for events will debut at this time, and you'll be able to use it to get lots of useful items. Many of your opponents during this event will be weak to Rock-type attacks, so you might want to begin training sync pairs like Sygna Suit Brock & Tyranitar and Grant & Amaura.

And keep in mind that the six-month celebration of Pokémon Masters is coming in February. The producers have a special rally planned to thank players for all their support.

Of course, this is just part of Mr. Sasaki and Mr. Iguchi's full message. Remember, you can read the entire letter by launching your Pokémon Masters game or by visiting the Pokémon Masters official site. Thanks for playing, and please continue to have fun!

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