Corsola #222
Corsola Galarian Form

Clusters of Corsola congregate in warm seas where they serve as ideal hiding places for smaller Pokémon. When the water temperature falls, this Pokémon migrates to the southern seas.

Corsola's branches glitter very beautifully in seven colors when they catch sunlight. If any branch breaks off, this Pokémon grows it back in just one night.

Sudden climate change wiped out this ancient kind of Corsola. This Pokémon absorbs others' life-force through its branches.

Watch your step when wandering areas oceans once covered. What looks like a stone could be this Pokémon, and it will curse you if you kick it.


  • Height 0.6 m
  • Weight 5.0 kg
  • Gender
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Natural Cure

All status conditions heal when the Pokémon switches out.

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Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy.

  • Height 0.6 m
  • Weight 0.5 kg
  • Gender
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Weak Armor

Physical attacks lower its Defense stat and raise its Speed stat.



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