Pokémon Video Game Premier Challenge

Get started with Pokémon video game competitions at Premier Challenge events! Enjoy the thrill of live competitive battles and get started on the path toward the Pokémon World Championships. Premier Challenges are the smallest events in the VG Championship Series season and provide a great way for players to try competitive Pokémon play in person.

  • Welcomes players of all skill levels

  • Offers a fun time with other Pokémon fans

  • No qualifications or residency restrictions

These events have modest Championship Point payouts and provide players with an excellent opportunity to get started in Pokémon video game tournament play. The Tournament Organizer may award additional prizes, which may vary from event to event. Please check the details offered by the Tournament Organizer for more information.

Premier Challenges are closely related to Midseason Showdowns, which are held less frequently but in similar venues and offer a higher Championship Point payout for those players looking for additional competition.

In order to participate, players must have a Pokémon Trainer Club account, be in good standing with the Play! Pokémon program, and comply with current COVID-19 requirements for large Pokémon events.

Registration for these events is handled by the Tournament Organizer, and an entry fee may be charged at their discretion. Please check the Event Locator for details about each event, including information regarding registration.

2022 Pokémon Video Game Premier Challenges

2022 Premier Challenge events will typically be held once per month at select local-level venues.

The Championship Point payout for the Pokémon VG Premier Challenge is as follows.

Placement Championship Points Kicker (# of participants)
1 30 0
2 16 0
3–4 12 0
5–8 8 24
9–16 6 48
17–32 4 100

Best Finish Limit: 6 per year from any series
Championship Point values subject to change.

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