2020 Pokémon Collinsville Regional Championships Stream

Watch Pokémon TCG and video game action from the Regional Championships in Collinsville, Illinois, on Saturday, February 29, and Sunday, March 1. Pokémon video game players will be battling under the 2020 Pokémon Video Game Championships format, which includes Pokémon first discovered in the Galar region of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Pokémon TCG players will be adjusting their strategies in the second weekend of play that features the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield expansion. The Pokémon VGC tournament will feature the same format as the Oceania International Championships from the previous weekend, while the Pokémon TCG tournament will feature the Expanded format.

Pokémon TCG commentators: Kyle Sabelhaus, Kenny Wisdom, Chip Richey IV
Pokémon VGC commentators: Adam Dorricott, Rosemary “Nekkra” Kelley, Joe Brown

All matches will take place on one stream at Twitch.tv/Pokemon. The broadcast will lead off with Pokémon Video Game Championships matches Saturday morning, with rounds from the TCG tournament afterward. On Sunday, tune in for top cut matches from the video game tournament and then from the Pokémon TCG event.

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