Detalles del torneo: 19-10-000951

Información del torneo
Información del torneo
  1. Cosmic Eclipse Pre-Release
  2. 19-10-000951
  3. JCC: Limitado
  4. 19 de oct. de 2019
  5. 12:30 a 13:00
  6. Juego de Cartas Coleccionables
  7. (2020) Cosmic Eclipse Prerelease
  8. Brian Marcus
  9. Sancionado
Información sobre el organizador
Información sobre el organizador
  1. Brian Marcus
  2. 2763289312
  3. Contact this organizer
Información de ubicación
Información de ubicación
  1. Cavalier Comics
  2. 189 Ridgeview Rd SW
  3. Box 3998
  4. Wise
  5. Virginia
  6. 24293
  7. Estados Unidos
  8. Mapa
Otra información
Otra información
  1. $30
  2. Welcome to the first ever Pokemon Pre-Release at Cavalier Comics in Wise VA. Since this is the first one, we will only have 10 pre-release packs so pre-registering is highly advised.

    When players enter, they will receive 4 booster packs of Cosmic Eclipse and an “Evolution Pack” which contains 22 cards key cards from the current and previous sets, and a promo card for the event. Players will be given half an hour to create a 40 card deck with the cards they receive. Players are allowed to make whatever deck they like with the cards they obtain. The rule that a player can only play four copies of a card is removed in prereleases; for example, if a player pulls six Pikachu cards, they can play six Pikachu cards in their deck. Players are forbidden to trade cards during the event; they can only use the cards they obtained from their packs. Basic energy cards will be provided to players. Players will then play in a Swiss rounds tournament. These games will only use four prize cards instead of the regular six. At the end of the tournament, players return their basic energy cards and receive three additional booster packs of the Cosmic Eclipse set.

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