Detalles del torneo: 19-07-000215

Información del torneo
Información del torneo
  1. Unified Minds Prerelease at Heroes
  2. 19-07-000215
  3. JCC: Estándar
  4. 21 de jul. de 2019
  5. 12:00 a 13:00
  6. Juego de Cartas Coleccionables
  7. (2020) Unified Minds Prerelease
  8. Heroes & Fantasies
  9. Sancionado
Información sobre el organizador
Información sobre el organizador
  1. Adam Conley
  2. 210-340-0074
Información de ubicación
Información de ubicación
  1. Heroes & Fantasies
  2. 4923 NW Loop 410
  3. None
  4. San Antonio
  5. Texas
  6. 78229
  7. Estados Unidos
  8. Mapa
Otra información
Otra información
  1. $30.00
  2. Prerelease Event Tournaments
    A prelease tournament allows players to buy and play with new cards from the latest set sometimes up to two weeks before they are actually released.

    New card sets are normally released once every three months, so any league could organize four prerelease events a year if there are enough interested players.

    The normal cost of attending a prerelease event is $30.00 the costs of the cards.

    Each player will receive a total of 7 booster packs and a special prerelease promo.

    The tournament starts by each player being given 4 booster packs and evolution kit in a box - you are given the other three packs at the end of the tournament.

    Each player then has to construct a 40 card deck using cards from those booster packs. Basic energy cards are normally provided by the organizer but these should be returned after the tournament ends. You can use your own basic energy cards if you wish but if they are not in perfect condition you will need to sleeve your deck so that they don't stand out when shuffled with the newer cards. Special energy cards cannot be used unless they came from the booster packs you opened at the start of the event.

    Players are not allowed to trade cards with other players until the end of the tournament. Organizers don't normally ask players to complete deck lists but you are not allowed to change your deck once the tournament has started.

    Normal tournament rules apply but because the decks only consist of 40 cards, players only layout 4 prize cards instead of the normal 6.

    Each round is normally a single match game of 30 minutes. The total number of rounds depends upon the number of players in each age group. There is not normally a top cut.

    Prerelease tournaments are normally treated as fun events and are less competitive than other tournaments as there are no special prizes for the winner and match results do not affect a player's premier rating. However, playing in a prerelease tournament does award you one Play Point.

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