June 25, 2014

Give the Bonus Wheel a Spin!

There’s a fun new way to get Trainer Tokens, in-game items, and more in the Pokémon TCG Online!

The latest Pokémon Trading Card Game Online update introduces the Bonus Wheel, providing players with an exciting new opportunity to earn additional in-game rewards! When you finish a Ranked Random Battle match in Versus Mode, or any match in Tournament Mode, you’ll find this new feature.

Ten evenly distributed panels appear on the Bonus Wheel, and each panel leads to a reward. This reward is in addition to the Trainer Token rewards that are already available for these matches! If you’re lucky enough to land on a Mystery Box panel, you’re in for a special treat! Each Mystery Box contains one of several items, such as Trainer Tokens, Tournament Tickets, or even promo cards and gameplay items. Some of the items in the Mystery Boxes appear more frequently than others.

The rewards on the Bonus Wheel panels and inside the Mystery Boxes will change periodically, so play often to see what’s new. Play the Pokémon TCG Online today for your opportunity to spin the Bonus Wheel and earn cool stuff!

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