July 09, 2014

Connect with Friends in the PTC Now!

New befriending and public profile features let you share your love of Pokémon even more.

You can now befriend other Pokémon Trainer Club users on Pokemon.com! See your friends’ customized Trainer images and follow their activities, including what games they’ve played and what episodes they’ve watched. Plus, check out minigame leaderboards that include just your friends so you can see which one of you is the best. You can also see which of your friends participate in the Pokémon Global Link, battle in the Pokémon TCG Online, and compete in Play! Pokémon events.

These new features are all part of the new public profiles that are also launching on Pokemon.com, where you can show off your Trainer image, minigame high scores, and other Pokemon.com activity! Let everyone know how much you love having fun on Pokemon.com with this exciting new feature.

These new features may affect your Pokémon Trainer Club account settings. If you’d like to review and adjust these settings, please click here.

We’re making Pokemon.com and the Pokémon Trainer Club more fun and exciting, and we’re not done yet! Stay tuned to Pokemon.com for many more features on the way!

Start befriending other Pokémon Trainer Club members and sharing your public profile now!

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