August 28, 2014

Begin Your Stamp Collection!

Participate in fun Pokémon activities to collect cool Stamps!

Pokémon Trainer Club members now can collect cool virtual Stamps as you browse and participate in Pokémon events! Get Stamps by doing all the stuff you already love to do on, including watching Pokémon TV episodes, playing online games, and browsing the Pokédex. You can also collect Stamps for participating in major Play! Pokémon events! And look forward to more opportunities to earn Stamps in the future.

The Stamps you earn will appear on your new Pokémon Trainer Club Stamp Gallery. If you’re friends with other Pokémon Trainer Club members, you will be able to show off your Stamps to them and see the Stamps they’ve earned.

If you’re already a Pokémon Trainer Club member, head to the Stamp Gallery to check out some of the new ways you can get Stamps. If you aren’t yet a member, create an account today!

Have fun collecting Stamps on!

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