2016 Video Game Premier Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Tournament Organizers may run video game events as part of the expanding Premier Event series: the Premier Challenge. Premier Challenge tournaments will use the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire video games.

Premier Challenges will be held at specific times of the year:

  • Premier Challenge Sceptile Series: September 2015 – November 2015

  • Premier Challenge Blaziken Series: December 2015 – February 2016

  • Premier Challenge Swampert Series: March 2016 – May 2016

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What are the rules?

Please review the following rules documents:

Are there any requirements for attendance?

Premier Challenges do not require an invitation or qualification. All players in good standing are welcome to participate. Players must bring their own system in the Nintendo 3DS family, Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Game Card or downloadable version, and charger.

Players must have a Pokémon Trainer Club account with a Player ID attached, and they must have opted in to the Play! Pokémon program in order to earn points and awards.

How can I organize a Premier Challenge?

You can apply to become a Tournament Organizer through your Pokémon Trainer Club account. Once you're approved, you will then be able to access the Premier Challenge organizer application. Organizers must be able to perform Wi-Fi hack checking on site.

Premier Challenges are global and may be organized in any country where the Play! Pokémon video game program is supported.

What are the prizes?

Prizes are determined by the Tournament Organizer and will vary; please check the details offered by the organizer for more information. All participants will receive 2 Play! Points.

In addition to Play! Points, Championship Points are on the line at all Premier Challenges, and these points help players build toward an invitation to Worlds. Check here for information on Championship Points. The Best Finish Limit for this season of the Premier Challenge is 6 and will be shared with select online competitions.

How are winners determined?

All Pokémon VG Premier Challenges use the following methods to determine a champion:

  • Age-modified Swiss pairings with single-game or best-of-three matches at the organizer's discretion.

  • After Swiss rounds, a single-elimination top cut, attendance permitting.

  • Single-elimination run as best-of-three matches.

Championship Series Events

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