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Pokémon tournaments are live events that give you the opportunity to compete against other players in the Pokémon TCG or Pokémon video games. Pokémon tournaments take place worldwide and offer a competitive atmosphere where players can demonstrate their Pokémon gaming skills.

Tournaments take place year-round. To find out where you can compete in your area, use the event locator. If your search turns up nothing, keep checking back—new tournaments are added daily!

Most Pokémon tournaments are open to players of all skill levels. Additionally, most tournaments require no advance registration—all you need to do is show up with a valid Pokémon TCG deck or video game. Many Pokémon tournaments are free, but it is up to the discretion of the tournament organizer to determine costs.

To participate in a Pokémon tournament, you must be a player in good standing and abide by the Pokémon Tournament Rules and all other applicable event rules. Players who are found to be in violation of the rules of eligibility are subject to suspension from the Play! Pokémon program and to the loss of prizes, including, but not limited to, invitations and Travel Awards.

Most Pokémon Championship events are operated by independent Tournament Organizers. Please contact the Tournament Organizers for specific information about their venue or scheduling.

The following Play! Pokémon Championship Series events are open to all players who would like to attend:

Some Play! Pokémon Championship Series events are invitation only or have other restrictions or requirements to play. Please review each event's FAQ to learn more:

Information for Competitors

A player's Pokémon TCG deck must comply with the Standard Format as outlined in the Pokémon Tournament Rules. A video game player's team must comply with the regulations for each event.

All players are expected to bring their Player ID card, if they have one. If they have not previously been given a Player ID, one can be obtained at the event.

Players should review the Pokémon Tournament Rules for more information about what to bring to an event.

Every qualified player must have an updated Pokémon Trainer Club account in order to be eligible for a Travel Award, Travel Stipend, scholarship award, or event invitation.

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