Become a Professor!

Become a Play! Pokémon organizer!

The Play! Pokémon program relies on folks around the world to volunteer their time to organize, host, and judge our amazing events! We’re always looking for people who want to be a part of the growing group of Pokémon event organizers who help Pokémon fans play, share, create, and have fun in a fair, open, and family-friendly environment in their community.

The Play! Pokémon program includes a variety of roles for people who want to get involved. League organizers host low-level, noncompetitive events that simply provide a place for people to get together to play, try out new gameplay strategies, and just have fun. Learn more about hosting Pokémon League events. Tournament Organizers run official competitions where participants can earn prizes. Read on to get more details on becoming a Tournament Organizer. Finally, Pokémon Professors are volunteer judges who help make sure that players understand the rules and that matches are conducted fairly. Get details on the Professor Program.

Who can be an organizer?

We’re looking for anyone who wants to have fun while providing a great opportunity for players in their neighborhood. Knowledge and love of the Pokémon universe are certainly a bonus, but if you have a passion for helping out your community and a knack for hosting events, we’re hoping you’ll join our ranks. All kinds of people become organizers in the Play! Pokémon program, including:

  • Store owners

  • Parents of players

  • Organizers of college fan clubs

  • Dedicated veteran players

  • And more!

Organizer support

When you become a sanctioned Play! Pokémon event organizer, you’ll be able to advertise your events on our site and get access to other tools you will need when running your events. Plus, you’ll be placed on the path to host major events, including tournaments where players can earn points toward Championship events. We select the most dedicated and qualified organizers to host these important tournaments, as they are more challenging and high-profile than typical events.

The very best Play! Pokémon organizers may even be invited to join us at the Pokémon National Championships and Pokémon World Championships! Just as we invite the top players to compete at these prestigious events, we like to recognize our greatest organizers for the hard work they put in throughout the year.

Become an organizer today!

If you’d like to become a sanctioned Play! Pokémon event organizer, take time to fill out the application. We’ll ask for basic contact information, any organizer qualifications, and details about the venue where you plan to host events. Also, to protect our players and guarantee that Play! Pokémon events are placed in the best possible hands, we will run a background check on organizer candidates.

What if you just want to volunteer?

There’s no special process for helping out at your local events. We suggest you use the Play! Pokémon event locator to find events near you and discuss any volunteer opportunities with the organizers. We’re sure they’ll be glad to have the extra help!

Thank you to all of our past, current, and future Play! Pokémon event organizers. The Play! Pokémon program would not exist without the countless dedicated hours that make Pokémon events fun for the millions of Pokémon fans around the world.

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