18 Mar 2014

Give Your Trainer Some Style!

Pick up cool attire in the Trainer Store.

Is it time to give your Pokémon Trainer a new look? Head to the Trainer Store, where you can pick up new clothing and accessories for your Trainer. There are all kinds of items you can redeem with Trainer Tokens, including a variety of shirts, hats, and shoes. Many more items are on the way, too, so check the Trainer Store often for new apparel.

To access the Trainer Store, first sign on to your Pokémon Trainer Club account. Then look for the "Shop for Items" button on your profile page. After you find the items you want and redeem them, remember to visit the Trainer Builder to customize your Trainer with your new items.

When you've completed your new look, check your Trainer out on your Pokémon Trainer Club profile page. Or sign in to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, where your Trainer will be your avatar when you compete!

Take a look at all the cool stuff in the Trainer Store now!

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