Magcargo Nº219

Status base

    Ataque Especial
    Defesa Especial

Magcargo's body temperature is approximately 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Water is vaporized on contact. If this Pokémon is caught in the rain, the raindrops instantly turn into steam, cloaking the area in a thick fog.

Magcargo's shell is actually its skin that hardened as a result of cooling. Its shell is very brittle and fragile—just touching it causes it to crumble apart. This Pokémon returns to its original size by dipping itself in magma.


  • Altura 0,8 m
  • Peso 55,0 kg
  • Sexo
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Flame Body

Contact with the Pokémon may burn the attacker.

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Magma Armor

Prevents the Pokémon from becoming frozen.

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